Class Descriptions

Beginners Agility: This is the first class for learning agility. Skills learned will be a combination of obstacle performance and handling. All learning will be done in a careful manner, always working for confidence from the dog. Puppies should preferably be 10 months or more to enroll. All dogs should have some basic skills like recalls, sit and down, stay, and focus on owner. Multiple dogs work on the floor at the same time, so no aggressive or reactive dogs may enroll. When in doubt, it is always good to attend more obedience/manners classes before starting agility training. Beginners is continued until we are sequencing contacts and start teaching weave poles. 

Obstacles learned will be:

- tunnels, table, tire, dog walk, aframe, teeter, and jumps of all types

Handling skills taught:

- wrapping a wing and then a jump, front cross on flat, then a wing and a jump, rear cross on flat then a jump, then we move onto short sequences without the contacts. Dogs are considered Beginners until they are able to sequence the contacts as well as jumps, tunnels and table.  

Intermediate Agility:  When dogs are sequencing the contacts, we begin teaching the weave poles and they are now considered Intermediates. We use the 2 x 2 method for teaching weave poles. Some sets of 2 x 2s are available for rent to practice at home, which is very necessary for learning weaves. Increasingly longer sequences are used to practice handling, with jumps being raised as dog is confident. Contacts are now done in sequence and raised until full height. This level will be repeated until all dogs are doing full height contacts and performing 12 straight weave poles in sequence. 

Novice/Open Agility: This level is for dogs that are competing at the Novice/Open level (or equivalent). If not competing, dog should be able to sequence all obstacles, including weaves, with contacts at full height. Handlers should be able to execute basic handling moves like front and rear crosses. This class will use sequences and courses to work on typical handling required for Novice and Open level courses at trials. 

Open Coursework: This level is for dogs ready for the challenge of courses. Class will mostly focus on coursework, breaking courses down into smaller parts and also running full courses. Challenge will be appropriate for Open level dogs.

Masters Coursework: This level is for dogs competing at the Excellent/Masters level (or equivalent), or dogs ready for the challenge of courses at this level. Class will mostly focus on coursework, breaking courses down into smaller parts and also running full courses. Challenge will be appropriate for masters level dogs.

Challenge Coursework: This is the highest level at Get Rev’d Agility. Dogs should be competing at the Masters level to enroll, or be able to handle the challenges seen in international type courses. International type courses will be broken down into parts and worked and also run as a whole course.