Our indoor arena measures 80' x 150'. The usable ring dimensions are 78' x 115'. We have a matted crating/sitting area in the front as well as 2 bathrooms. We have radiant heating over the matted area and mini-splits throughout the building that provide both heat and air conditioning. There are 6 large garage doors to open for fresh air when the weather is mild (fencing prevents dogs from leaving the arena). 

The turf is imported from Germany, called "Agility Grass Pro" and as the name suggests, it is designed for the sport of agility. It has great cushioning for both human and canine and provides great traction.


There is over an acre fenced in behind the arena to play with dogs off leash. We also have Disc dog events in here. 

This view is from the rear of the property and shows the side parking lot and end of fenced area.

The views below are from the rear of the property near the woods. It shows the large fenced area behind the arena and the side away from the parking lots. Beyond the fenced area  there is lots of room to walk your dogs. 


Inside arena