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Barb DeMascio:

Barb has been involved with dogs all her life, and with dog sports for over 30 years. She has owned mixed breeds, a German Shepherd, Siberian Huskies, Flat-Coated Retrievers and currently owns a Golden mix, three Border Collies, a Parson Russell Terrier and a Papillon. She has competed in AKC obedience (to the U.D. level), retriever hunt tests (earning 2 J.H. titles) and the breed ring (handling one dog to his CH) with her Flat-coats.

She now specializes in agility, which she found in the very early days of the sport in the late 1980's. She has trialed 8 dogs (3 Flat-coats, 3 Border Collies, her Parson Russell and her Papillon) in agility, earning the ADCH for 4 of them and MACH for 2 of them. She has been in the AKC and USDAA national finals numerous times, winning the USDAA Grand Prix in 2002. She is currently showing her 7 year old Border Collie, Trig, who has lost much of her hearing, and her 2 year old Pap, Bizou, who is just getting started. She also a young Border Collie, Gaze, who is in training.

She has attended numerous seminars, including three levels of Chicken Camp with Bob Bailey. She continues to attend both dog training and behavior seminars as well as agility seminars. She has taught at Say Yes, Power Paws, Competitive Edge, A Click Above and Kinetic Agility Camps. She co-founded Flexible Flyers Agility Club and developed and taught all the levels of agility classes there for 11 years. Since then, she has taught agility classes for her “Get Rev’d Agility” as well as at DTCCC.

Barb teaches all levels of dogs, but especially loves to work with new dogs and puppies and their handlers as they start their agility journey.




 Rosanne DeMascio:

 2014 EO and FCI AWC Team Member!
 2013 European Open Vice Champion! (2nd Place in Large Final!)
Winner of funded spot on the 2013 AKC EO Team!
6 World Teams, 5 National Championships, 10 Grand Prix/PGP Finals, 4 AKC Finals, 5 Steeplechase/PSJ Finals, and many DAM/PVP Finals! 2nd place in the inaugural Masters Challenge Biathlon! 

20 years of experience with multiple breeds of dogs. 
Seminar presenter and Agility University Faculty Member!

Rosanne has been involved in dog agility since 1992, when she started training her flat-coated retriever. At the time, she was 10 years old, but started in Starters/Novice like all the adults, and worked her way up from there. She first made the USDAA Grand Prix Finals in 1997 at the age of 14, and made them again in 1999 (both with her flat-coat Dreamer). She also acheived an ADCH title on her first dog. Since then Rosanne has been training and running border collies. With every dog, her handling has evolved to suit both the dog and the changing sport of agility. Currently at the top of the game, Rosanne's handling is based primarily on body cues and motion, and she puts much emphasis on predicting and guiding the dog's line of travel through the course. She is constantly striving to push the boundaries of her handling system, and her dogs are known for laying it all on the line in every single run. 

Here is a summary of Rosanne's accomplishments in National and International events during more than 20 years of agility. For more detail, you can see each individual dog's page.

4 ADCH Titled dogs
Numerous times on year-end Top Ten and Tournament Top Ten lists
8-time Grand Prix Finalist (with 3 different dogs), including 2nd place and twice 3rd place
3-time Steeplechase Finalist, winning the championship in 2007 and placing 2nd in 2012
2-time DAM Team Overall Podium finisher
2-time Performance Speed Jumping Finalist, winning the championship in 2011
2-time Perf Versatility Pairs Finalist, winning the championship overall in 2011 
2-time Perf Grand Prix Finalist, placing 2nd and 3rd
2nd place combined in Masters Challenge Biathlon
Many placements in individual Team classes at Regionals and Nationals

Winner, 3 rounds at AKC Tryouts 2013
4 MACH's on 3 different dogs
4-time AKC Finalist, making Finals 4 years in a row with 2 different dogs!
2-time National Agility Champion, winning the 20" Championship in 2010 and 2011
2009, 2012, and 2013 AKC World Team Tryouts attendee (each year with a different dog)
Made it to, and ran clean in, the Challenger Round 2013 with a 2.5 year old dog
Numerous placements in individual classes at Nationals

IFCS Team USA 2010:
1st place Gamblers, 1st in Team Agility, 4th Overall in Biathlon, 5th in Snooker

WAO Team USA 2011:
22" Biathlon Champion, automatically invited back for WAO 2012
Silver for Team USA, helping win several individual classes for the Team
Individual classes: 7th in Snooker, 2nd in Gamblers, 3rd in Biathlon Jumping, and 1st in Biathlon Agility

WAO Team USA 2012:
Bronze for Team USA, running the anchor leg to help win Relay!
Individual Classes: 2nd in Individual Pentathlon Jumping II, 3rd in Individual Gamblers, 7th in Individual Pentathlon Jumping I

EO Team USA 2013 Member with Strafe
2nd in Final! - Vice Champion!
12th in Team Jumping, 14th in Individual Agility, 18th in Individual Jumping

EO Team USA 2014 Member with Strafe

AWC Team USA 2014 Member with Strafe

Rosanne's website



Susan Greenholt:
Susan has been training dogs for 25 years and teaching others how to train their dogs for 20 years. Susan began training with
her first German Shepherd Dog (GSD) puppy, Grendl. Quickly bitten by the obedience bug, she went on to advanced levels with Grendl and then with her next GSD, Zak. Zak excelled in the obedience competition ring, earning his Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent and 2 of the needed 3 qualifiers required for his Utility Dog title before elbow arthritis earned his early retirement. Both Zak and Grendl earned their Canine Good Citizen certificates as well. Susan's next GSD, Falkner, was clicker trained from the age of 7 weeks and earned 5 agility titles before being retired early for a back injury. Falkner taught Susan a great deal about positive reinforcement training. Susan next began training and competing with her wildly enthusiastic sable girl, Ika. Ika, being true to her breed, with great heart and desire to work, earned her Agility Dog Championship and Performance Dog III title and was a two time National qualifier through the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA), all while in remission to cancer. Ika was also a well loved therapy dog in the READ and Autism programs with Paws for People.  Susan then competed with Vista, who completed her Performance Dog III title, qualified for USDAA Nationals and was a sweet and patient Reading Education Assistance Dog with Paws for People. Currently Vista is Susan’s assistant when working with dogs that are reactive toward other dogs – she has a very special gift, for which Susan is eternally grateful. 
Susan’s current training partners are Hedda and Xarya.  Hedda, a precocious black GSD, began her own agility career in the Spring of 2013. She has earned 13 agility titles so far and won High Scoring Dog at the German Shepherd Dog Club of America’s National Specialty in October 2013. Hedda has drawn Susan back in to the world of competitive obedience and shows great promise. Hedda is teaching Susan a great deal about patience and motivating a dog who has different interests from her own.  Then there is Xarya, a lovely 9 month of GSD who brings a ton of herding instinct to the plate. Susan and Xarya are training in agility and herding and Susan is having a great time exploring the talents of this enthusiastic worker.
Susan is committed to keeping abreast of the most humane and effective training techniques available. She and her dogs have attended numerous training camps including Susan Garrett’s Say Yes! Training Camp, and is a three time attendee of Kinetic Dog’s Agility Camp. Thrilled with what she learned about positive reinforcement training at the 1998 Association of Pet Dog Trainers (of which she is a member) conference, Susan studies and reads everything she can on the subject of the effective use of positive reinforcement. To this end she has attended seminars on the subject given by noted trainers Leslie Nelson, Jean Donaldson, Sheila Booth, Chris Zink, Susan Garrett and Pat Miller (among others).
Susan has enjoyed teaching at Greenwood Dog Training School so much that she went back to graduate school. In 2012 she completed her secondary and special education certifications through the state of Pennsylvania – helping her to further enhance the learning experience of the human side of dog training. 

Susan's Website