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The following workshops or seminars are currently planned at Get Rev'd Agility Arena. If interested in attending any workshop, contact Barb to ensure space is available. Once space is confirmed, you can print out the Workshop Enrollment Form by clicking on the link below, filling it out and mailing it back to Barb with your check.

Seminar Enrollment Form


 Sat Mar 31 and Sun Apr 1, 2018: World Team Tryout Prep Camp with Rosanne Wesemann (DeMascio)

We are now accepting those who are not going to tryouts, but want to gear up for possible future events.  

This 2-day camp is designed to prepare you to try out for the AKC World Team, or any other International team (IFCS, EO, WAO)! On Saturday we will break down several courses from International judges and analyze them, talking about the skills involved and how to handle/train them, and which way is faster on certain sequences. On Sunday we will focus more on running the entire course clean and fast, and will run more courses throughout the day. This camp will run from 9am to approximately 5pm each day, and will include some short lectures and Q&A about Tryouts, the AWC (or other worlds), traveling to Europe with a dog, and mental game.


Camp will be open to 10 working dogs/handlers. No single system of handling is required; the goal is to work with each handler to prepare them for the event by enhancing strengths and working through weaknesses.


Priority for the 10 working spots will be given to dogs/handlers in Masters level who are definitely attending the AKC WTT this spring. Next priority is to Masters level dogs/handlers who are currently on another team (IFCS, WAO, EO). Any others must be approved by Rosanne before enrolling. This camp is not a "how-to" for basic international skills, but rather, is designed as a polishing course to make those skills work more smoothly on long courses and in stressful environments!


$400/working spot, $100/day to audit

To sign up, please email Barb DeMascio at


Sat Apr 21: Young Dogs with Experienced Handlers Seminar with John Nys

This seminar will be for young dogs already competing or able to do all obstacles in sequences, with experienced handlers.

Time: 9am to 5pm with and hour break for lunch your own.

Cost: $220 for working spot (limit of 10), $80 for auditing spot (unlimited)

Sun Apr 22: International Handling with John Nys

This seminar is for those dogs and handlers that are looking to compete on an international team and push their limits. Dogs should be experienced and competing at the masters level.

Time: 9am to 5pm with and hour break for lunch your own.

Cost: $220 for working spot (limit of 10), $80 for auditing spot (unlimited)