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 Scheduling for Lisa's next date: Wed Dec 13 (mid-afternoon to evening)

We are excited to announce that Lisa Perri DosPassos, M.O.T., CCRP, will be seeing dogs at Get Rev'd. She specializes in hands on manual work, heling sport dog owners find any issues that may be going on in their dog and treating them. Each session will run 30 -40 minutes and will cost $55. You can pay by cash or check directly to Lisa. We are planning on her coming once a month, but if there is demand, she can come more often.

Barb will be booking the appointments, so contact her if you are interested.

Here is a brief bio:

Lisa Perri DosPassos, M.O.T., CCRP

Lisa is a canine rehab practitioner, with a diverse background treating both humans and canines. Lisa offers canine bodywork sessions with a focus on manual techniques for soft tissues, muscles and joints. A typical session includes a thorough examination of your dog from head to tail, including the spine, pelvis and limbs. Laser treatment and thermal imaging are available as well. Lisa will work with your veterinarian to provide the best level of care for your pet. Additional visits and extended treatments are available at her clinic, Next Level Canine Rehabilitation & Fitness, located in southern Pennsylvania.

Appointments can be scheduled directly with Lisa via email or Facebook.  or 610-620-4743

Contact Barb


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