2020 Arena Rental Rules & Rates 

General Requirements: 

All arena rental periods must be scheduled in advance with the owner. Hourly rentals can be scheduled via email. Rental period begins at the scheduled time and includes set up, training and clean up time.

Individuals renting the arena may NOT give lessons to others without prior permission by the owner.

Rental rates include use of Get Rev’d agility equipment. Equipment must be handled with care, and any damage will be the responsibility of the person renting. Report any damage to owner immediately.

Do not move equipment without persmission as course is usually set for classes. You may get something out for practice that isn't on the course, but must return it when done.

Get Rev’d Agility reserves the right to deny access to any individual or group without explanation. Renting the arena is a privilege and all Get Rev’d policies must be followed, including the “Potty Fee” of $5 if the turf is solied. Failure to follow the established rules and regulations will result in termination of rental privileges.

If a dog soils the turf, please blot well by stepping on a wad of paper towels and use wet cloth if scrubbing is needed as paper towels will shred. Then spray well with the provided product in the clean up bin near fencing.

Dogs must be under control at all times.

Dogs may be off leash in the fields surrounding the building at the owner’s own risk. You may use the fenced area to play with your dog, but must clean up after them.

No smoking in or around the arena. Do not leave any buts on the ground.

If rental is during a day when classes are held, the heat or AC may be on already. Do not change any settings. If no heat or AC is on and it is very cold out, you may request for us to turn on the left side propane heater. No one is allowed to touch any of the heat or AC units.  All lights must be turned off when rental is over unless another rental is following, we will leave a note on the door whether to lock up or leave open. 

Any issues with the facility or equipment should be reported to owners (Barb: 610-310-8200, Rosanne: 610-310-8202) Leave a message if nobody answers.

Payment (or balance of payment if a deposit was given for longer rental) is due at time of rental. Cash or checks (made out to ”Get Rev’d Agility”) are accepted. There is a $30 fee for returned checks. You can leave payment in the zippered pouch on the small tall table to the right near the ring gate if noone is there to collect it. 

Failure to comply with any requirements will result in loss of rental privileges. Any individuals who do not comply will be asked to leave the property and may be banned from future events.


Hourly Rental Rates (All rentals are in 30 minute segments, with minimum of 30 minutes)

Current students:

 For up to 4 people:
$20 for 30 minutes 
$40 for an hour 

For 5 or more people:
$25 for 30 minutes 
$50 for one hour 

Non Get Rev'd Students:

 For up to 4 people:
$25 for 30 minutes 
$50 for an hour 

For 5 or more people:
$30 for 30 minutes 
$60 for one hour   
Day Rental Fee  

Agility Events: 

Get Rev’d Agility equipment must be used for all agility events – equipment includes all obstacles that meet AKC and UKI specifications, electronic timers, tables, chairs and an easel with board. Arena must be left in clean condition.

 Day Rate: $1000 

For rental of arena for use other than agility, contact owner to discuss special rate.