Seminars and Workshops




Saturday Oct 1: Mastering Masters Series Workshops

With Rosanne Wesemann

In these 3 hour workshops, we will set a recent UKI Masters Series course, walk and attempt to run it for time.  Then we will discuss and work through the various challenges, timing some either/or options, and then try to improve overall time and fluency on course when running it again for time.  Workshop is suitable for anyone interested in running Masters series courses at UKI trials, or similar level. The morning will be for Jumping and the afternoon for Agility. If they aren't full, we may combine into one workshop. 

Time: 9am - 12pm : Masters Series Jumping Course

Time: 1pm - 4pm: Masters Series Agility Course

Cost for Working spot: $120 (limited to 6 dogs)

Cost for Auditing: $40 (unlimited)